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My short story “”If This Be Not Love, It is Madness,” will be appearing in the Circlet Press’s “Like A Vorpal Blade,” a Wonderland-themed anthology. I am still shocked and honored, as I am a huge fan of Cecilia Tan (and of course J. Blackmore!).

In reading news, I just finished Robin Schone’s Gabriel’s Woman. Wow. I’ve always considered Madeline Hunter to be the “thinking-person’s” romance writer, and I definitely think that Schone is the “thinking-person’s” erotica writer! The book was short, and yet she created such complex characters! I was immediately drawn in and could barely put the book down.

I also read a new regency, which was a lot like eating Chips Ahoy: delicious, but leaving me quite unsatisfied. It was a standard “wallflower meets rake,” and while I enjoyed the rake being portrayed as an actual nice guy, I couldn’t understand why the protagonists fell in love. Perhaps I should stay away from this pairing, as nothing seems to live up to Kleypas’s Devil in Winter?

Speaking of Kleypas, I cannot wait to read Married By Morning, which comes out at the end of this month. Yay!


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